This project was a commission to create two tables using an original pair of Caterham F1 wheels..

The Client gave free reign to create two tables that would celebrate the intricate design of an F1 car using carbon fibre and many machined components as well as some specially sourced components including some genuine F1 wheel nuts and a set of prototype race car pistons and conrods..

It was decided that two different heights of table would be produced around the same base design., one low coffee table and a taller drinks table..

A scale 3D printed and machined model was created to allow the client to see the basic design..

The base of the tables represents the drive shaft and cluch/brake assembly and suspension with machined plates which echo the spoke design of the wheel and small billet wishbones which connect all of the components together.. The nuts hold the wheel in place on a hub which is connected to the base by a carbon tube like the drive shaft connects the wheels on a real car to the gearbox..

A piece of 10mm toughened glass sits just above the wheel connected in the centre by another carbon tube and is held in place by a billet aluminium cap.. Both carbon tubes have billet aluminium inserts and slide over stainless steel rods which run through the centre of them..

This was a truly special commission..


Caterham F1 Wheels

Genuine F1 Wheel Nuts

Carbon Fibre Tube

10mm Toughened Glass

Various Bespoke Machined Billet Aluminium Parts.

Prototype Racing Pistons

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