The ‘Fin Lamp 01A’

The Second ‘Fin Lamp’ in what will be a series of lamps following the theme of fins.. Using the cylinder barrel as a starting point the fins continue the form of it to create the shade for the lamp and also the base.. Each individual fin has been drawn up and laser cut from 2mm thick aluminium and then hand finished.. The 20th fin has been made in Copper.. The reclaimed walnut adding a nice contrast to the original finish of the barrel and aluminium of the fins.. Although similar looking to the First ‘Fin Lamp’ it is different as the form of the barrel isn’t the same as the Ariel., like non identical twins..


Norton Motorcycle Engine Cylinder Barrel

Laser Cut Aluminium Fins

Reclaimed Walnut.

Over 300 Individually Machined Spacers

Bespoke Aluminium Lamp Holder Mount

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