The ‘Fin Lamp 02’

The Third ‘Fin Lamp’ in what will be a series of lamps following the theme of fins.. This Lamp was created in conjunction with the TV Show ‘Scrap Kings’ on Quest where the film crew documented the making and delivery of the lamp to ‘Caffeine and Machine’ near Stratford upon Avon where it is currently for sale in the emporium.. The Lamp was created with the Porsche 924 cylinder head as a starting point and the fins continue the form of it to create the shade for the lamp.. Each individual fin has been drawn up and laser cut from 2mm thick aluminium and then hand finished.. The 20th fin has been made in Copper which is also laser cut and hand finished.. The original rocker cover sits on top of the fins to enclose the four lamps.. Other details include the copper ‘fuel rail’ and the original valves are used for the feet., attached using bespoke aluminium collets..


Porsche 924 Engine Cylinder Head

Laser Cut Aluminium And Copper Fins

Bespoke Switch Mounting And Valve Feet With Aluminium Collets

Over 300 Individually Machined Spacers

Bespoke Copper And Brass Lamp Holder Mount

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